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Mo Chara

Mother's Day Tea Set | Mo Chara x Etaoin O'Reilly

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We have collaborated with the amazingly talented ceramic artist Etaoin O'Reilly based next door to us in Dundalk, to carefully design the perfect hand thrown tea set on the potters wheel for the perfect mammy. Together, we set out to create something that represents both of us and our mutual love of creating something bespoke and unique. This collection is inspired by the Mo Chara brand and features elements of our design. Each piece is hand-decorated with a combination of rust-red, cream and brown with speckles. After being thrown, it was fired twice and finished with a glossy glaze and matte base to give a beautifully tactile feel to each piece.

Please note each item is handmade and may vary ever so slightly, sure that's the beauty of it. Mammys beware, although dishwasher safe, many people recommend hand washing handmade pottery to preserve its life. Each set comes with a wee mother's day card sure too for your mammy!

Each set includes:

- 1 x teapot

- 2 x tea mugs

Happy Mother's Day!

This set is for collection only due to the fragile nature of pottery and the very limited availability.