Brewed in town, supped all round

Dundalk, as a town, can thank most of its existence down to our history & expertise in brewing and distilling. Our wee stubby is the perfect combo of tradition meets tomorrow with a special nod to Mo Chara's arched brick windows built in 1902 featured in the label shape.

Brewed locally, this grip & sip is the no nonsense top-notch tasting beer you've been waiting for. A real clean and smooth 4.2% gluten-free lager with all of that flavour. This is one you're gonna want to grab a four pack and sup a few back.

You can find us at all good independent off-licences, bars & restaurants across Ireland as well as right here in Mo Chara. Give our mates at Four Corners a shout if you'd like to become a stockist!

Become a Stockist

Not a lot of people know but before a pub was ever on the cards our initial plan was to start a brewery and launch Mo Chara as a beer brand.

Luckily, we realised we didn’t have a spare couple of million lying around and decided opening a pub first and going about it a different way would stand to us in the long run. After over a year working on this project and two years in the pub, it feels like this is the culmination of everything we had initially dreamed of doing